Filling out the Dallas Mavericks roster


The Dallas Mavericks have one spot remaining after signing Eric Griffin. We take a look at who the team should look to bring in to fill the roster.

Editor’s Note: Despite signing Griffin, some of us may consider him not making the final team. So we may name multiple players instead of just one.

The Mavs potentially have two vacant roster spots. Which one-two players should the team bring on? Why?

Winston Zhang: Well we definitely still need some 3-point shooting from the guard spots. As I wrote before, I really think Jameer Nelson would be a great fit. His demeanour and skill-set seems perfect: veteran, safe option who can hit from downtown.

As for the other roster spot… we could either go with another shooter (in which case I guess Mo Williams would do) or another big man. I don’t know what his health status is, but Okafor could prove to be a huge get on the minimum, if he’s fit and ready to contribute.

Sameer Moosa: We already signed Eric Griffin, who is an athletic monster, from the Summer League, so now there’s one. With the cap room exception of $2.7 million remaining, the Mavs should look for a guard who can shoot the three well. I say either Mo Williams or Jordan Crawford. Williams is a more consistent shooter, so I’d prefer him, but Crawford has more size and can score in bunches like he did against the Mavs this year with the Warriors. Williams would be a better fit with Carlisle’s system but Crawford could get coached up and not jack up dumb shots.

Austin Ngaruiya: The Mavericks are in need of a sure-handed caretaker at the point guard position but only a few options remain. In my opinion, Jameer Nelson fits that role better than any of the other options discussed. More importantly, Nelson is the veteran-type that Carlisle loves to utilize. Last year Nelson shot 35 percent from three and had a 7:2 ast/TO ratio, numbers that he should be able to maintain within Carlisle’s system. Although Nelson is a below average defender, he would be a great get for the veteran minimum.

The musical chairs at the small forward position have awkwardly left out Shawn Marion. We all know what Marion brings to the table. His skill set coming off the bench for 20 minutes a game would be invaluable to the Mavs. Getting Marion at the BAE (bi-annual exception) is my pipe-dream for the Mavs.

Bailey Rogers: I think that Griffin takes one of these spots, even if he does spend the entire year in Frisco. However, let’s assume for a second he doesn’t take up one of the two spots. Honestly I would really love to get Marion back, but between Jae Crowder, Rashard Lewis, and Richard Jefferson (and possibly Eric Griffin), he’s not really a fit anymore. That said, I think the Mavs need another guard and another big.

Okafor would be a fantastic get. Personally, I think that Greg Smith could develop into a really reliable backup big, but given his injury history and the fact that he is so unproven, Okafor would be a really good insurance policy. Possibly even something more. As far as a guard, I’m fairly underwhelmed with all the options left. Jameer Nelson is probably the best, but isn’t the best fit on a roster with a bunch of smallish guards already. I guess Jordan Crawford has the most upside, so let’s see if Carlisle can rein him in and maybe teach him to play some defense.

Brian Gosset: Mo Williams has to be the guy. A great bench player and 3-point shooter, which kind of seems like the theme this offseason for the Mavs (Parsons, Lewis, Jefferson). Jameer Nelson won’t cut it. Nelson and Felton won’t want to play on the bench and they’re both inconsistent. I say give Felton a chance as a starter. If it doesn’t work out, Harris is right there and Williams has started in this league for another option.

Marion won’t take one of the spots because the price is too low, but then again, I wouldn’t be shocked if he came back. He’ll add more defense and depth on the bench especially at the three, but still can guard the two and four. I’ve heard Bernard James’ name out there, but would that be a waste of a spot? He’s dominated the past two summer leagues, but Carlisle never gave him a real chance this past season and most likely won’t get a lot of time again this year.

Ace Feltman: I agree with Brian. My only big concern with the team right now is three-point shooting from the point guard/shooting guard position. Unless we’re going to roll out Richard Jefferson or Chandler Parsons at 2 and play Rashard Lewis or Jae Crowder at the 3 (hope not) the team needs to add one more backcourt scorer that can get it done from the perimeter. Devin Harris is and always will be an attack-first point guard and newcomer Raymond Felton is coming off an uninspiring 32% shooting season from downtown.

Also wouldn’t mind a big man, what’s Hakim Warrick doing these days? Always loved him.

Rami MichailThe Mavs need size both at the wing and front court in my opinion. While Mo Williams would be a great fit, not sure having four point guards and an undersized shooting guard would be the smarting thing, esp on the defensive end, so unless the Mavs move Felton or Mekel, I’m not exactly high on Williams. Instead, I’d love if the team could land Ray Allen with the BAE. He’d give the team needed size at the shooting guard and can somewhat replace the elite shooting of Jose Calderon. With Cleveland, Miami, and retirement as options, this may be a long shot.

Despite having Griffin now, I don’t think he’ll make the final roster. So, for the minimum, I think the team should look at another big body. While I would prefer Okafor, I’m not sure he’s healthy enough to play?? So, my preference would be Ekpe Udoh. He’s battled injuries and has been on bad teams. Maybe some good health and a stable franchise can get him going.

Who do you think the team should bring in?