Mavericks: Chandler Parsons, Lance Stephenson, and more


With the deadline nearing for the Houston Rockets to match Chandler Parsons, a lot of news and different scenarios have surfaced around the Dallas Mavericks.

Earlier in the day, Yahoo!’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported of the Rockets interest in free agent Trevor Ariza and the team’s intent to wait till the final seconds to make their decision on Parsons.

Later in the day, reports surfaced of Houston agreeing to a four-year deal with the Wizards free agent Ariza.

The early reaction was that this Ariza deal would eliminate the Rockets intent of retaining Parsons, but that may not be the case.

If/when Parsons’ offered is matched, the Mavericks are reported to already have their backup plan. According to reports, the top two targets will be Lance Stephenson and Luol Deng. That is if neither is signed prior to Sunday’s deadline.  

The Mavs’ interest in Stephenson is somewhat surprising due to multiple reports mentioningtheMavs not seeing him as a fit, especially in the locker room.  

It’s safe to say the next 24+hours will be unpredictable. If it isn’t Parsons, just know that Mark Cuban will spend the money to add pieces.

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