LeBron James to Cleveland Again; Still Has to Go Through Texas


Well the internet has completely broke, I’m actually getting some dang Twitter traffic and Facebook and Myspace are probably even capitalizing on this monstrous story of the NBA’s best player returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Four years after “taking his talents” to Miami and 11 years after becoming the new face of hope in Cleveland, he’s ba-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.

The Miami Heat are now in Cleveland’s position of 2010…utter crap.

Ironically the Cavaliers will have the Heat’s first round pick next year, as well as their own and the Grizzlies pick from the very, very forgotten trade to clear the salaries of Marreesse Speights, Wayne Ellington and Josh Selby and the pick for Jon Leuer and cap relief.

I’m not gonna delve too much into all this incredible chaos (although I am indeed an agent of chaos) because right now any reader is looking to simply bounce from article to article in a sugar rush of LeBron James mania.

Simply put I believe the Cleveland Cavaliers are one more logical and obvious move away from being not just the favorites –but the clear cut favorites– to win the Eastern Conference as his former employee did thanks to him four years in a row.

And that move is to avoid emotional or Dan Gilbert physical attachment to first overall pick Andrew Wiggins and send him, Tristan Thompson or Dion Waiters or god forbid you can lose Anthony Bennett…and acquire Kevin Love. A move that as I said is so in your face obvious and previously reported.

Cleveland is now Las Clevelegas as intended when drafting “The Chosen One” in 2003. Johnny Manziel did a bit of his own recruiting.

Apart of the Lebron James signing today — if you can possibly think of anything else — means that the dominos are now going to start to really fall in 2014 NBA Free Agency.

Which likely means Rockets restricted free agent small forward Chandler Parsons is most likely headed to Dallas to join the Mavericks.

Even so………..

LeBron James has been to the NBA Finals five times and won two. The three losses:

2007: San Antonio Spurs

2011: Dallas Mavericks

2014: San Antonio Spurs

Whenever he has to finish things off through the Lone Star State, it hasn’t gone according to his plan.

Anyway, let the ****ing CRAZY COMMENCE!

And also clean out your urinals and get the water hoses, Cleveland.

Miami, shouldn’t leave NBA Finals games early.