Dirk Nowitzki wants to stay with Mavericks


While the free agent class is headlined by players like LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony, it is sometimes overlooked that Dallas Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki is a free agent as well.

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Don’t worry about seeing Dirk in another uniform though, he says that won’t happen.

“I don’t want to go anywhere. [Dallas owner Mark Cuban] doesn’t want me to go anywhere,” Nowitzki said, via Marc J. Spears of Yahoo. “Hopefully, it will be a short and quick meeting and get it over and we can get better as a franchise again.

“I’ve been in Dallas so long it wouldn’t even feel right to wear a different jersey and live somewhere else. I never saw that happening in 2010, the last time I was a free agent, and I’m not going to see it now. Mark and I are going to find a deal that is respectable for both sides and hopefully get better again. Last year was a lot better.”

The Mavericks have also already made a big move byTyson Chandler for Jose Calderon” href=”https://thesmokingcuban.com/2014/06/25/mavericks-knicks-trade-tyson-chandler-jose-calderon/”> bringing in Tyson Chandler from the New York Knicks with a trade. Chandler fills a void in the Mavericks line up and will help make the Mavericks more attractive to potential free agents. If the Mavericks are serious about signing Carmelo Anthony, Chandler, who won a 2011 NBA Championship in Dallas, can pitch the team to Anthony while the team waits to contact him July 1.

Teams have to wait till July 1 to contact players, but players can talk all they want. Chandler knows Carmelo and he knows Dallas, who better to do your bidding in this situation.

Dirk has also been active in the recruiting process saying he was willing to help recruit James or Anthony to join the Mavericks. Dirk is even ready to hand over the keys to the city to LeBron, saying: “C’mon, you can have the keys to the city [of Dallas].”

There are so many other angles to pitch to James and Anthony about Dallas and the Mavericks organization. Cuban’s willingness to do whatever it takes to win. His cap management always giving them financial flexibility to pursue top players, though a lot of that would be gone when signing a “big fish” free agent.

And more importantly, the loyalty exhibited by Cuban and Dirk’s relationship.