Transforming the Dallas Mavericks into a Soccer Team


Credit: Tim Groothuis/Witters Sport via USA TODAY Sports

With millions of people tuning in to root and support their countries, favorite teams and players, it’s no wonder that the World Cup in Brazil has taken over the world.

You don’t need me telling you how large it is; I’m sure every place you all enter with a T.V has the matches on. So, in honor of the World Cup and the beautiful sport of soccer or football – depending on your preference – (Yes, I’m a basketball fan, but I do appreciate and follow soccer), I will be turning the Dallas Mavericks into a soccer team and place them in positions I feel best suited for them.

Wish me luck!


  • 4-4-2

I obviously have to start with this. There are plenty of formation to go with. But for this Mavericks team and what I plan on doing with them, I think this is the best formation to go with. I’ll have one goalie, four defenders, four midfielders, and two forwards. Curious on how that would look? Well, just look below.


This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. The Mavs two best offensive players on the court should be expected to be the their two best weapons on the pitch (field) as well. These two will give the Mavs two different elements around the goal.

I’m sure no-one will expect Nowtizki to fly on the field as Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, but at 7-foot, he could be a great option for some headers. Also, I’m sure we can expect some long-range shots from the Big-German. Oh, finally, he already has the diving down – A MUST IN THE SPORT.

Ellis on the other hand is a blur. You can expect him to burst by defenders with and without the ball. I’m assuming his knack for getting to the rim will translate into him getting to the net for plenty of scoring opportunities.


This wasn’t a tough choice for me. Calderon can be the main playmaker for the Mavs as a CAM (Center Attacking Mid). His ability to take care of the ball and find the right man make him the obvious choice here. Harris and Carter on the wings give the Mavs two guys who can create and score on offense, while also being able to get back and play defense. Marion as the CDM (Center Defending Mid) would spend most his time on the defensive side, but could find himself on the offensive side at times.


Wright and Blair give the Mavs a big defense in the center to counter against crosses as they protect the goal. Crowder and Larkin on the outside give the Mavs speed and are capable enough on offense to get involved from the outside.


The Mavs rim protector is now responsible for protecting the goal. With his length, athleticism, and instincts, he should be a great fit. Also, those gloves should help him hang on to the ball.