Will the Mavericks win 50 Games? (UPDATED 4/9)


Last season the Dallas Mavericks saw their playoff streak of 12 seasons come to an end. 13 straight winning seasons came to an end as well (but it wasn’t a losing season; 41-41! In line with these two impressive runs concluding, the Mavericks didn’t reach 50 wins for the first time in 11 seasons.*

*The previous season was lockout-shortened to 66 games where Dallas went 36-30. In 82 game seasons, the Mavericks hadn’t failed to reach 50 wins since 2000, or more radically sounding, in the 21st century.

In 2011, the last time the Mavericks reached the 50 win plateau – and also accomplished a little something else – the team’s best player wasn’t in a celebratory mood. His intentions were clear, and it wasn’t this very impressive streak, but the elusive Larry O’Brien trophy.

“I think I’ve said it the last couple of years,” Dirk Nowitzki said after the Mavs’ 50th win in March 2011. “I’d rather trade it in for a championship.”


May 3, 2012; Dallas, TX, USA; A general view of the NBA championship trophy on display at the American Airlines Center before the start of game three in the Western Conference quarterfinals of the 2012 NBA Playoffs. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Looks good in our arena. Damn good.

The Playoffs are becoming more and more of a reality, an NBA title is a long shot but to rule that out as an #MFFL would be a disservice to your fandom and love for the team.

In between there the prospect of 50 wins, and after all the high moments (vs. HOU, @POR, @IND, @OKC) but particularly the low moments (vs. NYK, @LAC, @DEN, @GSW) that only the heartbreaking but also promising Dallas Mavericks could see-saw into a path looking head-on at a 50-win season.

The question is, if I’m ever going to get to it at all, is…will they?

The Mavericks are currently 41-27, a season high 14 games over the even mark and have tied their win total from last season’s bearded mess. Even with nine new players and only two returning players of interest (no offense, sophomores; even though I love, love, love Sarge) Owner Mark Cuban, Head Coach Rick Carlisle “Dat Dood” Dirk were expecting playoffs no questions asked. Unless they hop on Samuel Dalembert‘s Haitian roller coaster ride and crash oh so very hard, they will be playing in the most exciting postseason in sports.

So, with 14 games left, and in the midst of an 8 game home stand, the longest in franchise history –  can the Mavericks reach 50 wins? Here’s who they have left.

Vs. Minnesota LOSS 123-122 OT; 41-28; 13 Games Remaining

Vs. Denver WIN 122-106; 42-28; 12 Games Remaining

Vs. Brooklyn LOSS 107-104 OT; 42-29; 11 Games Remaining

Vs. Oklahoma City WIN 128-119 OT; 43-29; 10 Games Remaining

Vs. Los Angeles Clippers LOSS 109-103; 43-30; 9 Games Remaining

Vs. Sacramento WIN 103-100; 44-30; 8 Games Remaining

Vs. Golden State LOSS 122-120 OT; 44-31; 7 Games Remaining

@ Los Angeles Clippers WIN 113-107; 45-31; 6 Games Remaining

@ Los Angeles Lakers WIN 107-95; 46-31; 5 Games Remaining

@ Sacramento WIN 93-91; 47-31; 4 Games Remaining

@ Utah WIN 95-83; 48-31; 3 Games Remaining

Vs. San Antonio

Vs. Phoenix

@ Memphis