Dallas Mavericks Preseason Review


Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

With the preseason finally out of the way, here are some notes and stats of the Dallas Mavericks’ preseason.


  • Dirk Nowitzki shot 50% from the field while averaging a team high 14.7 pts/game
  • Jose Calderon had a total of 4 turnovers in the 105 minutes played.
  • Monta Ellis averaged 6 assists a game, but shot only 39% from the field
  • Samuel Dalembert averaged 7 rebs and 2 blocks a game
  • Wayne Ellington, Vince Carter, and Calderon all shot over 42% from 3, with VC leading the way at 46%.
  • Dalembert and DeJuan Blair combined to grab 3.8 offensive rebounds a game.
  • Ellis lead the team with 1.62 steals a game.
  • Gal Mekel lead the team with 3+ turnovers a game


  • Nowitzki looks better now than he did at any time last season
  • Ellis has shown a great all-around game.  Ellis has shown the ability to get to the basket anytime he wants; he has shown the willingness to pass and create for his teammates. Though he has taken some bad shots, his shot selection has been good for the most part.
  •  Calderon does not turn the ball over. He’s also a far better off the dribble shooter than I thought.
  • The ball movement has been great.
  • Ellis was matched up on opposing point guards at times.
  • Calderon and Ellis have shown a commitment and effort to defense.  Yes, they will struggle against faster point guards and bigger shooting guards, but the effort is a great thing to see.
  • The pick-n-pop of Ellis and Nowitzki was beautiful to see.
  • Mekel gained much needed experience and got better as the preseason went on, but it will be hard for him to keep the backup point guard spot when Devin Harris returns.
  • Dalembert is very important to this team.  When he’s active, rebounding, and blocking shots the Mavericks are a much better team.
  • Rebounding is still an issue.
  • Outside of Dalembert the team lacks an impactful shot blocker and low post defender.
  • Injuries and durability are a concern.
  • Jae Crowder has not shown consistency.
  • Ellington was a great under the radar signing.
  • The Mavericks need more out of Bernard James
  • Blair is the best offensive rebounder on the team
  • Shawn Marion can still rebound and defend, but his lack of outside shooting is frustrating, especially when Ellis or Calderon kick it out to him for open looks.
  • Ellington and Mekel have been used in tandem to replace Calderon and Ellis.  It will be interesting to see if this continues during the regular season.
  • Still a jump shooting dominant team.

It’s still very early and there’s plenty of things the Mavericks need to work on, but there is not doubt that this Maverick team is already far superior than last season’s squad.

What’s your take on the Mavs’ preseason?