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Jason Terry Talks About Returning To Dallas


Jan 16, 2013; Boston, Massachusetts, USA; Boston Celtics guard Jason Terry (4) celebrates a three point play during the third quarter against the New Orleans Hornets at TD Banknorth Garden. The New Orleans Hornets won 90-78. Mandatory Credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Terry was a fan favorite for the Dallas Mavericks for years and many were devastated when he left to go to Boston. He helped the Mavs go to two Finals and finally hoist the Larry O’Brien Trophy in 2011. But don’t expect his eyes to get watery when he comes out on the court.

“I shed tears when I had to leave,” Terry said, via Dallas “So I don’t think I have any more left.”

But despite not shedding a few tears, he will be emotional.

“It feels good. It feels like home, as it should. … I know how to get over there (to the visitor’s locker room). It’s not quite as nice and friendly over there, but I’m sure afterwards I’m going to go check out my old locker.”

Earlier Mark Cuban was quoted as saying Jason Terry would be a Mav for life, potentially as a coach in the future.

“Yeah, I was going to take him up on it at the All-Star Break. but I didn’t see him. So we’ll see what he says tonight.’’

And from all of his years in Dallas, you might not be surprised about his favorite moment as a Mav.

“Obviously, it’s hoisting up the trophy. The parade, coming back in here and just being on the stage in front of all our fans. It was a memory I’ll never forget.”

And while he gets a chance to play for one of the most prestigious organizations in the NBA, it’s not the same as the journey the Mavs went on for the past decade.

“It’s fun in Boston, but Dallas is obviously a lot more special. … We (the Celtics) are in a good place. We’re fighting for a playoff positioning, and so again we are focused on getting a win.”

And it hurt’s Terry to see the Mavs and his friends Dirk Nowitzki and Shawn Marion struggle.

“It’s tough because I’m still a Mavs fan at heart,” Terry said. “But when you break up the team, that’s what happens.”

But nevertheless, Terry isn’t consumed by what could’ve been had he stayed with Dallas.

“You like to have a fight for what you earned and we didn’t get that opportunity. But I mean it’s over now, we’re past that disappointment. And we had to move on. … We probably would have gotten better. We probably would have added a couple more pieces, but it didn’t happen. You can’t cry about it now.”

But JET is going to start his AAC return by doing what made him famous here.

“The first shot is definitely going to be a 3.”