Dallas Mavericks Victory over Utah Jazz


Jan 27, 2012; Dallas, TX, USA; Dallas Mavericks power forward Lamar Odom (7) celebrates a three point shot against the Utah Jazz during the fourth quarter at the American Airlines Center. The Mavericks defeated the Jazz 116-101. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-US PRESSWIRE

The starting lineup at the American Airlines Center on Friday night against the Utah Jazz was

  • Jason Kidd-2 (G)
  • Rodrigue Beaubois-3(G)
  • Shawn Marion-0 (O)
  • Brendan Haywood-33 (C)
  • Lamar Odom-7 (F)

Injuries are taking a toll on our boys in blue and white.

Dirk Nowitzki was still out with a sore knee.

West out with a hamstring strain.

Carter sprained left foot but he did play.

Jason Kidd started the game but was out shortly after with reportedly a right calf strain, apparently occurring early in the game.

The Mavericks beat the Utah Jazz on the road last week (1-19/94-91) and we can say many thanks to Marvelous Marion. He has been on fire and at the top of his game. With Dirk being hampered and Odom struggling, Marion has taking charge and been magnificent offensively. Over the last five games (stats prior to last nights game) he is  averaging about 18 points per game, is shooting 54% from the floor, and averaging a very good 8 rebounds per game.

What I am loving about this Dallas team is seeing all these guys step up and take the lead. Not just one guy, like Marion did with the Suns, scoring his season high of 29 points with a 93-87 win.

Last night our leaders were Beaubois and Odom; Beaubois had a season-high 22 points and Odom added 19 points, his most since joining the Mavericks, to lead Dallas to a 116-101 victory over the Utah Jazz on Friday night.

Beaubois lead the team Friday, which was nice to see, 9 for 15 from the floor and also had seven assists, six rebounds and four blocked shots.

Odom was much more aggressive on the floor, offensively and did a great job stepping up his game, he converted three 3-pointers and went 7 for 12 from the floor.

Exactly what this Dallas team needed.

No doubt.

Touching back on Jason Kidd, who did start the game, but was out and into the locker room very early on in the first quarter with reportedly a strained right calf, which prompted Beaubois in and he did not disappoint.

Also contributing was Jason Terry with 18 points, Shawn Marion had 16 points and Brendan Haywood added 12 points and 12 rebounds for Dallas.

Love reporting a victory!

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