No more allowing a youth movement out of Dallas


I know what Green Bay Packer fans have been feeling for the last few years. (No this is not a Packer blog, I’m getting to a point here trust me). They vehemently cried “cheese whiz” when the Packer organization decided to trade Brett Favre go and let the younger Aaron Rodgers play.

Ask Packer fans now, and most are sitting comfortably with Aaron Rodgers.

Go back almost two years to the day in your Maverick time machine and ask yourself is trading a young Devin Harris for the proven Jason Kidd worth it?

I won’t spit into the wind and detail my belief on trading Devin Harris was a mistake. It’s hard not to see the upside Jason Kidd has given the Mavericks, and I in no way want to put this “funk” that the Mavericks are in on Kidd.

I would like to caution the Mavericks not to pull the trigger on a trade, all for the sake of making a trade. Fact is this team is old, and there is no reason to get older.

Sacramento’s Kevin Martin seems to be Cuban’s choice, but for one reason or another Sacramento has been reluctant to pull the trigger. Let that be a warning.

Martin would certainly be an offensive option, but refuses to play defense. Sound familiar?

Washington’s Caron Butler is a better defender than Martin, but that’s not saying too much. Butler plays with toughness the Mavericks need, can score 20+ when needed, but inevitably disappears for stretches through the season. An 8 year veteran Butler would look good in a Mavericks jersey, but the asking price seems to be Rod Beaubois.

Butler is not worth giving up another young point guard. Kidd is not going to play forever.

Philadelphia’s Andre Iguodala can be a difference-maker, and can be a piece of the puzzle Mavericks can build on. He’s a dedicated defender, extremely athletic, and can be a presence down low. Plus, he just turned 26.

Kurt Thomas, now with the Milwaukee Bucks, is being talked about as a last resort. Costing them a second round draft pick on the surface seems logical, but the Mavericks are more than a Kurt Thomas away from being a championship-caliber team.

Seems like the Mavericks are never content with the team they have at the present moment, they feel like they need to make a trade. Making trades year in and year out is getting old, especially if you’ve watched the Mavericks play lately.