Bring on the Break


Every team goes through dips and lulls where they have troble getting on track and putting a solid game together. Lucky for NBA teams, the All-Star game gives everybody that much needed break.

The Dallas Mavericksare definitely a team that can benefit from some time off. Since the new year began they are 9-9, losing as much on the road now as they do at home. Their last game against the Minnesota Timberwolves is a text book example of what is wrong with the team.

Offensively the team did well- can you really complain about a 100+ point night. The team even managed to rebound from a thirteen point deficit late in the game to nearly force overtime. However, that is where the accolades have to end and the criticism begin.

Any time one of the worst teams in the league enters your house it should be a sure thing. A team like the Timberwolves does not even belong on the same court as the Mavericks. While they do have a lot of young talent, they are still a raw group of ball players; you can’t get much more seasoned then the Mavericks squad without winning championships.

However, they can not seem to win a game down the stretch anymore. Their comeback to tie the game up was commendable, but it should have never been necessary. In the second half the Timberwolves looked like a team of all-stars themselves shooting 60% in the third and 56% in the fourth. The lack of defense has made it hard on the offense too; the Maverick defense has given up at least a 100 in the last five games.

Players and fans are understanbly frustrated. Specualtion has the Mavericks looking to pick up any and every player on the market. Perhaps that is not the real reason that the guys are in trouble. When a team with this much talent cannot seem to get the job done the issues is not with the players- it’s the coach. This guy’s job is to get the most out his players ever night and obviously he is not.

If the team really wants to make a change that might be the better place to start. Doing so in the midst of the season would be a very gutsy call; the question could be whether the Mavericks could even pick up the right person. They might be better off playing the season out with what they currently have.