Gotta Love this Guy!


I understand that in business it takes big brass ones to be a big success, especially to the extant that a guy like Mark Cuban has succeeded. A small part of me envies the guy; I would love to be so successful and wealthy that I can afford to purchase a professional sports franchise (although I would have no interest in a MLS or NHL one, return on investment too low).

One of the things that I really love is that he is not afraid to go against the grain. When he thought his team had been cheated a few weeks ago in the game against Houston where Carl Landry took a bite of Dirk accidentally he registered a complaint. Although nothing happened from it, I think it is still valuable for dissending voice to be heard; how else can the establishement be kept on its toes? While it means nothing for that game, maybe the next one will be called a little better.

His appearances on WWE RAW are great too. The fact that he even participates in some of their crazy shenanigans shows his willingness to do what it takes to promote his team. Afterall, if he is involved in something you can guarantee that is what he is looking to do, promote the Mavericks.

Recently he seems to have taken aim at the NFL. Not too long ago he was pretty vocal about his feelings in regards to the Cowboys playoff game being scheduled at the same time as his Maverick’s game against Utah (I think). On that point I did agree with him. I preferred it when the playoff games were at 1 and 4 myself; allowed you to watch the games and still do something else with your night like support another sport (or make your wife/ girlfriend happy doing something they like). With the games at primetime though it dictates that the game be the focal point of the day almost. If that is what the NFL is going for I can honestly say that I will eventually end up missing more playoff games because of it- there is more to life than football.

What I really love is how this guy recently attacked the NFL in regards to the Super Bowl and NBA All-Star weekend. Comparing the Super Bowl to a barmitzvah,claiming that the NBA’s All-Star weekend will be a much bigger and better party was ingenious. Now while this year’s NBA All-Star game will be the biggest yet, I have no idea if it can measure up (even close) to one of the most watched events on televsion every year.

But I guess that was not the point. The NBA All-Star weekend and even the game itself is inteded to be a lot of fun and generally is a big ole party. The only thing that I thonk could make it any better is if their wa another game of All-Stars that would take on the Globetrotters; watching Lebron or Kobe trying to match tricks with those guys would be hilarious!

Regardless of whether you are an NBA fan or NFL one, a Maverick fan or a Laker, you have to appreciate this guy’s set of big brass ones that seem to always find him pushing the envelope and questioning the established norm. It all amounts to some pretty good press for him and his club too.