Mavericks in Comfortable Territory- on the Road


First, sports fans, I must apologize to you. As a blogger I should be posting pieces up here daily if not every other day (at a minimum); obviously it has been a little while since I have gotten something up and I am sorry. However, if any of you have had a teething 7 ½ month old with a cold then you will understand why I have been otherwise occupied.

Congratulations to Dirk Nowitzki. The guy has been a class act since entering the league and one of the most dependable players in the game. Crossing the 20,000 point barrier the other night is just one of the many things that show how talented and valuable the giant German is to the Mavericks and the League. Well done, Dirk, and I look forward to trying to draft you next season in my fantasy league.

On to the present! Well fortune seems to be shining on the Mavericks- they are on the road. Although they dropped a game against some team from another country (Toronto for the geographically challenged), they managed to defeat a better one in Boston. Logic would dictate that they should fair even better against the Wizards Wednesday night and Philadelphia the next. Washington is a time in transition as they attempt to establish an identity without their star, Agent Zero (aka Gilbert “I think guns are funny” Arenas). With or without him Washington tends to be a high scoring team, but are somewhat lacking in defense. Philly was so desperate for press that they brought back Iverson, even after his tantrums in Memphis helped lead to an early retirement. If you ask me, anyone who think they are too good to come off the bench is too selfish to be a productive team player and a hindrance to the success of the club. That’s fine- just makes it more likely the Mavs will pound them.

For the rest of the month the team will spend more time on the road than at home. I know that should be a bad thing, but any Mav fan knows differently. Then again we can still watch them win on the road via television since they don’t win at home. With the money you save from watching another disappointing home game you can buy some better beer to drink while watching them play in Washington, Philly, or wherever else in the comfort of your pajamas on the coach in your living room. Doesn’t sound too bad to me!