Dallas Mavericks News & Notes


Usually I would have been all over the recent news and rumors associated with the Dallas Mavericks. Between moving, finding out I am going to be a father and being sick however, things were a little too hectic for me to properly update the site. That being said, let’s take a look at the recent news regarding the Mavs, shall we?

I will go in chronological order which means I start with the NBA Draft. When the pick was announced as BJ Mullens for the Dallas Mavericks I let out an audible groan. For those in the Fansided.com chat room you were privy to my disgust. Disgust over the Mavs drafting yet another big, white, stiff who couldn’t even start for his college team the previous season. Then there was a trade announced. A trade for Rodrigue Beaubois. Sure he isn’t a big, white, stiff but he is a foreign player of which the Mavericks have a decorated history of failing mightily at acquiring, outside of Dirk Nowitzki.

Beaubois is a 6″2″ point guard from Guadeloupe, France. His wingspan allows him to play much larger (6″10″) and his 39″ vertical make him quite an athlete. Scouts say that he is already a good defender and outside shooter but his ball handling skills and decision making need work. He has already signed his contract and will probably be the low man on the Mavericks totem pole this upcoming season if not playing overseas or in the NBA developmental league.

After the draft news of the Mavericks signing Marcin Gortat began to surface. If this had been the only move that the Mavericks made in the offseason I would have been sick. Thankfully it was just the beginning. Gortat was courted by the Mavericks, Spurs & Rockets which to mean indicates the guy at least has some talent and potential. Honestly I could not have told you who Gortat was before the NBA Playoffs but he at least looked serviceable backing up Dwight Howard. If he can actually catch a ball and dunk on a fast break than he is an upgrade over stone-hands Dampier!

Then came the expected news that Jason Kidd re-signed with the Mavericks. He flirted with the Knicks and most likely used them as a bargaining chip but in the end it came down to the amount of money the Mavericks could offer over 3 years. Kidd isn’t the player he was 10 years ago, hell he isn’t the player he was 5 years ago but he is the best option for the Mavericks right now. Chris Paul or Derron Williams aren’t going to suddenly fall into their pockets. Kidd will hopefully be a good teacher for Beaubois and continue to be a steadying force on the floor.

Then came the most exciting news of the offseason thus far. It was announced today that the Dallas Mavericks have negotiated a sign and trade to acquire “The Matrix” Shawn Marion. Marion is a talent of which the Mavericks have not had in years. He can score, he is a very good rebounder and he can defend multiple positions. He is also familiar with playing with Jason Kidd from their years together with the Phoenix Suns and is quite the finisher around the rim. With the Spurs and Lakers upgrading this was the best move that the Mavericks had available for them. Is Marion the missing piece, probably not but sometimes all you can ask for is a chance, and this gives the Mavericks a chance at success next season.

There are rumors that the Mavericks are not done reforming their roster. They may be going after Rip Hamilton or Jason Richardson for which I say “Bravo!!!” I think I speak for all Mavericks fans that if nothing else, having a new product on the floor next season will be entertaining to watch, if nothing else!