NBA Trade Rumors & How They Affect The Dallas Mavericks


With the NBA draft only being 2 days away there are rumors of trades running rampant in the NBA – some of them involve the Dallas Mavericks some of them do not. What I want to do though is look at the players involved in these trades and asses if the Mavericks could offer a similar package to these teams to acquire the talent and if so, if it would benefit the Mavericks in any way.

First is the trade that was announced as being proposed by the Boston Celtics this morning. Boston would send Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen to Detroit for Tayshaun Prince, Rodney Stuckey & Rip Hamilton. Who rejected the trade itself? Well there are varying reports but the fact that it got out into the public shows me that all of these players are available for the right price. Let’s start with the Celtics side of things.

What is wrong with Rajon Rondo? Does he have some sort of regressing physical condition that has yet to be announced? Does he have an attitude and/or ego that shadows that of T.O.? Is there a money issue involved? Something has to be wrong with the guy for Boston to be attempting to deal him – the dude almost averaged a triple double in the playoffs this year and is just coming into his own. Ray Allen I get – he is an aging superstar but taking him on has a bonus to NBA teams – his $20 million contract expires after the 2009-2010 season which gives a team the flexibility it desires for the 2010 free agent bonanza. If I were the Mavericks I would be on the phone all day trying to pry these two players away. Jet & Josh – done! Jet, Josh & Damp – done! Jet, Josh & Kidd (in a sign and trade) – done! Not only is it close in terms to what Detroit would be offering talentwise it doesn’t strap the Celtics with huge salaries – Prince & Rip have 3 & 2 years left on their contracts accordingly that total $55 million. Why would Boston take that on unless they do not think they can be players in the 2010 season? With Jet & Howard the Celtics get talent and contracts that are workable. Would this trade push the Mavericks into L.A. Lakers territory, not quite. But what it does is make them younger at PG, gives them flexibility in the 2010 free agency and lets them keep both Stackhouse and Dampier’s expiring contracts to still move.

As for the players the Pistons are wanting to move, they are what Cuban is quoted as being willing to trade for “All Stars”. The question however is whether or not the Mavericks are willing to take on such a large amount of salary. Personally I would be on board with trading for Detroit’s stars. They aren’t young which is an issue but neither is Dirk, or Kidd or anyone else starring for the Mavericks currently. The Mavericks have a few years left to win with Dirk. Adding Prince and Hamilton to the lineup would greatly improve their chances for success. What would the Mavericks have to offer to make the money work? Jet, Howard & probably Stackhouse and perhaps even Damp as well. It would take all of the Mavericks tradeable pieces but adding Rip, Prince and Stuckey would greatly improve their talent level. If Dallas made that trade they would have to resign Kidd or find someone will to sign and trade for him which would add to the possibilities of adding another piece. If they could figure out a way to get the Clippers involved that would send Chris Kaman the Mavericks way then all the better! I don’t like the odds of the Mavericks prying away these three players from Detroit but you just never know in today’s NBA, with the economy being what it is.

The Mavericks were also interested in Richard Jefferson but apparently the Spurs have unloaded a bunch of spare parts with expiring contracts to obtain him. Milwaukee is clearly unconcerned about competing next season, otherwise they don’t trade Richard Jefferson for Bruce Bowen, Tim Thomas & Fabricio Oberto. Does this mean that the Mavericks can perhaps pry Andrew Bogut from the Bucks? If so then it has to be done. Bogut may not be an “All Star” but he is in the second tier. If all it takes is expiring contracts then send Dampier their way for Bogut and be done with it. The biggest bunch of b.s. regarding the Spurs trade is that the Bucks can dump Bowen and Oberto after the trade is finalized and then both players can re-sign with the Spurs for less money. I think the NBA needs to figure out a way to stop this kind of crap, though that will set me off on another tirade entirely.

Needless to say the days leading up to and the day of the NBA Draft are sure to be full of rumors and speculations. We Dallas Maverick fans have to hope that they make some moves sooner or later. Let’s all hope that Thursday is the opening salvo to a rebirth of hope!