Apr 10, 2013; Dallas, TX, USA; Dallas Mavericks shooting guard Vince Carter (25) reacts after getting hit in the face by Phoenix Suns center Jermaine O

Dallas Mavericks Left Pointing Fingers After "Disappointing" Loss to Phoenix Suns

The Dallas Mavericks dealt themselves the playoff death blow by losing to the bottom feeder of the Western Conference, the Phoenix Suns. With all due respect, the Suns would been better off losing the rest of their games to get more balls in the lottery. Combine the fact that their on the second game of a back-to-back and carrying a 10 game losing streak and anyone that ever watched a basketball game would pick the Dallas Mavericks to win.

” I don’t know”, says Vince Carter, “The fact is we are trying to win games. I don’t care about the stakes right now. [This] was the next game we needed to win.”

The stakes before the game seemed clear. Beat a bad team. Get the .500. Omar the barber cuts off a few beards. Stay in the playoff hunt. After the game, the true stakes set in as players realized that this loss summed up a bad season.

“Yeah, it’s been up and down. It’s unfortunate”, continue Carter. “This is a game we felt we should win and we gave a team that was playing for nothing life. ”

Shawn Marion was a little more candid. “They were on a ten game losing streak and on a second night of a back-to-back”, he said before letting out a long sigh of disgust. “When you are a professional athlete you set standards for yourself and your team. When you go out here and try to leave it on the floor…You can’t control whether the ball goes in the hole, but you can control your effort. If your not able to go out there and give it your all, 110%, then somethings wrong. Maybe you need to sit down.”

Marion is right. For what should have been an easy win, the Mavericks only had three players in double digits. Shawn Marion had 22 to lead the team in scoring. Vince Carter had 18 off the bench and Dirk Nowitzki had 21. Nobody else did much of anything.

Chris Kaman, after putting up a season high in Portland with 26 points, played 20 minutes and contributed 2 points. O.J. Mayo played 37 minutes and put up 6 points. Darren Collison, Brandan Wright, and Jae Crowder combined for 51 minutes and 11 points.

Marion however chose to point the finger at the entire team. “We win and lose as a team, it’s not individual”, he said. “We are all at fault here”.

Head coach Rick Carlisle decided to fall on the sword rather than point it. “It’s disappointing…We are not good enough from start to finish.” He went on to say, “The truth is we are a team of parts that fit a certain way. The collective disposition, the collective will, the collective understanding has to be there for us to play our best…We all came up short tonight and I’m at the top of the list.”

The Los Angeles Lakers’ win over the Portland Trailblazers mathematically put the Mavericks out of playoffs.

Only Shawn Marion, Dirk Nowitzki, Vince Carter, and veteran Mike James made themselves available after the loss for interviews which is another telling sign. All three said they will continue to fight the rest of the season one game at a time. The question is: Is everyone?

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  • Sam

    I wouldn’t blame the Suns for trying to end the season with a win or two and win or loss Suns position in the draft would still be the last in the west no matter if they win or lose the rest of games. But on the other side I don’t think Dallas, with the current roster had any chance in the playoffs. Their only top players are Nowitzki and Marion and they have no star guards anymore. Even if they had made the playoffs they would’ve been eliminated in the first round just as Lakers will. I hope Suns wins the remaining games.

    • Timothy Quiros

      You should have Included Vince Carter in their top players. The guy is so underrated. He can shoot, drive, defend, pass, and can do pretty much everything in the court. I seriously think he was the reason why Dallas had a playoff chance. Honestly, the biggest reason why Dallas struggled since last season was the loss of Tyson Chandler. That was a HUGE mistake. They needed a strong inside defender and rebounder and they let it go. CUban is stupid.

      • Sam

        Carter used to play here for Suns. He used to break down under pressure and miss when the other team had real defense. Yes he can still shoot or dunk when there’s no defense but in playoffs he’d get all confused and frustrated under great defensive pressure. I think Carter’s best days are behind him and right now he’s just a fairly good regular-season guard. Dallas should’ve kept the guards and even signed a big, strong Forward to backup Marion, either that or a 7′+ aggressive center to protect the paint while Nowitzki played Forward. Chandler was both a center and a forward. These owners try to save $10-$15mil and they break good teams apart and cause negative backfire from fans that cost them $20mil in lost revenue plus another $50mil drop in the value of their team.