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Can the Mavericks get Tim Hardaway Jr. going?

Dallas Mavericks, Tim Hardaway Jr.
Dallas Mavericks, Tim Hardaway Jr. / Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
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Dallas Mavericks, Tim Hardaway Jr.
Dallas Mavericks, Tim Hardaway Jr. / Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

How can the Dallas Mavericks get Tim Hardaway Jr. going? 2. Catch and shoot

Hardaway Jr. was a lethal catch-and-shoot option under head coach Rick Carlisle, and it was the biggest improvement in his game. THJ shot 42.1 percent on 347 attempts in the 2019-2020 season before connecting on 40.9 percent of his 369 last year. Those are elite numbers, and Hardaway Jr. also made 40.8 percent of his 791 threes where he touched the ball for under two seconds.

This season, those numbers are plummeted to 33.5 percent on 191 catch and shoot 3-point attempts, and 31.9 percent of his 213 threes with a touch under two seconds.

It is not for lack of attempts. Hardaway Jr. is on pace to take 5.0 catch and shoot threes per game, which is slightly down from 5.3 last season, but his minutes have dropped too. The 29-year-old wing is just not connecting at even an average rate.

Tim Hardaway Jr. took 5.9 open (defender at least four feet away) threes per game last season and hit on 40.0 percent of them. He is attempting 5.4 this season, but connecting on just 35.4 percent.

Shooters shoot. Hardaway Jr. needs to just keep firing away, and hopefully, a hot stretch is on the horizon to boost up his percentages. The thing that may get him going is not firing away from deep, though.