Mavericks rumors roundup: A look at every 2022 trade deadline rumor so far

Dallas Mavericks, John Collins
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Dallas Mavericks, Dorian Finney-Smith
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Rumors: Dallas Mavericks exploring Dorian Finney-Smith trades

Multiple outlets have discussed the possibilities of the Mavs trading Doe-Doe before the deadline. Jalen Brunson and Finney-Smith have both taken a step forward this season and could be looking at significant paydays this offseason. Luka Doncic’s extension kicks in this summer, and the Mavericks figure to be over the luxury tax line if they re-sign JB and DFS. Dallas could decide to prioritize one and trade the other for some compensation before Feb. 10.

Rival executives think Finney-Smith will be available, and they are lining up to bid, but trading him away makes no sense. Every team in the league wants 3-and-D wings on their roster. The Mavericks have prioritized putting shooting and defense around Doncic since trading for Kristaps Porzingis back in 2019. If Dallas deals Doe-Doe before the deadline, they will be searching for a 3-and-D forward in the offseason.

Finney-Smith has diversified his offensive game a bit under head coach Jason Kidd. Fans have seen him attacking off the dribble more, which has led to a career-high in 2-point attempts and points per game. The added wrinkle makes Doe-Doe even more dangerous and adds some valuable on the trade market.

The Dallas Mavericks are receiving calls on Dorian Finney-Smith, but do not expect him to be traded unless it is part of a massive deal that dramatically improves the team’s current roster.