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Pass or pursue on 5 holiday trade ideas for the Mavericks

Dallas Mavericks, Domantas Sabonis
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Dallas Mavericks, Ben Simmons
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Pass or pursue on Dallas Mavericks trade idea: 2. Mavs get Simmons and Kemba

Talk about a proposed deal that nobody would see coming, the Mavs acquire both Ben Simmons and Kemba Walker in this Bleacher Report hypothetical.

Would the Mavs be willing to give up two starters and their sixth man to acquire Ben Simmons? It is worth exploring.

The Sixers reportedly want another star caliber in return for the 25-year-old guard, but no deal has materialized. At some point, Daryl Morey will need to make a move or risk Simmons sitting the entire season and hurting Philly in one of Joel Embiid's prime seasons.

Verdict: Pursue

The Mavs value floor spacing and continue to put 3-point shooting around Luka Doncic, so do not expect them to trade for Ben Simmons, but he would improve their roster. Having a 6’11 guard that can run the offense and score efficiently at the rim is massive.

Simmons gives Dallas one of the best perimeter defenders in the league next to Luka. The Dallas Mavericks could build a roster with length and versatility that contends for the next decade-plus around their two young stars. That possibility is always worth pursuing, but the front office would have to be assured that Simmons wants to play and is open to pairing with Doncic.