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Mavericks: How the offense is changing under Jason Kidd

Dallas Mavericks, Jason Kidd
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Dallas Mavericks, Luka Doncic
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Change to Dallas Mavericks offense under Jason Kidd: 5. Varied shot selection

Former coach Rick Carlisle played a five-out offense with Luka Doncic leading the charge. The team was in the top six in the league in 3-pointers attempted in each of the 22-year-old superstar's three NBA seasons.

Jason Kidd made it clear that he does not want the Mavs relying on 3-pointers. His goal is to have a more balanced attack that features a variety of shots and attacks.

Carlisle had his epic rant on post-ups during the 2019-2020 season, and how Kristaps Porzingis should not be doing it more. He wanted the Mavs to take the most efficient shots, which meant eliminating the mid-range and attacking the rim and beyond the 3-point line. Yes, Dallas took mid-rangers under Carlisle, but it was not an area he planned to attack.

Kidd is doing it differently. He wants the Mavericks posting up and finding ways to score in the mid-range. The drives and 3-pointers are staying, but the Hall of Fame point guard is opening up the floor and giving the players the freedom to attack anywhere on the court. Fans will still see a ton of Luka Doncic pick and rolls, but there will be post-ups and mid-range j’s too.