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Why the Mavericks need to trade for Myles Turner

Dallas Mavericks, Myles Turner
Dallas Mavericks, Myles Turner / Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports
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The Dallas Mavericks have no plans of sitting idle at the trade deadline. First-year general manager and president of basketball operations Nico Harrison is exploring the market and looking for ways to upgrade the team’s roster. The Mavs have won six straight to surge to fifth in the Western Conference, but they want to go on a deep playoff run, and roster moves will be required to make that a reality.

Myles Turner is one player the Mavericks are interested in, according to The Athletic’s Shams Charania (subscription required). The Pacers are looking to rebuild their roster, and Dallas has a need at the five.

Turner is likely to be the best center available at the trade deadline. He is on pace to lead the NBA in blocks per game for the second straight season, and the 6’11 big man can stretch the floor. Here are three reasons why the Mavs need to acquire the current Pacers center.

Why the Dallas Mavericks need to trade for Myles Turner

Price always matters when making a deal, and the Mavs could struggle to put together the best package for Turner. They still owe the New York Knicks a first-round pick from the Kristaps Porzingis trade, but the top ten protection on it prevents Dallas from dealing a first before 2027. The Mavericks would also need to match Turner’s $18 million salary because they are over the cap.

Here are three reasons why the Dallas Mavericks should give up anything not named Luka Doncic to acquire Myles Turner from the Indiana Pacers before the Feb. 10 trade deadline.