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Was the Kristaps Porzingis trade with the Knicks a failure for the Mavericks?

Dallas Mavericks, Kristaps Porzingis
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The Dallas Mavericks ended the Kristaps Porzingis era on Feb. 10 when they shipped the Unicorn to Washington for Spencer Dinwiddie and Davis Bertans. It was a shocking blockbuster that caught everyone a bit off guard.

The Mavs came to terms with the fact that KP was never going to blossom into the second star the franchise envisioned when they traded for him back in Jan. 2019. Porzingis struggled to stay on the floor and produce consistently. The fit between the Unicorn and superstar Luka Doncic was far from perfect too.

The Mavericks paid a hefty price to acquire Kristaps Porzingis from the New York Knicks three years ago. Was that move a failure? What can Dallas learn from it as they look to build a title contender around Luka in the coming years? Let us take a closer look at the trade before answering those questions.

Looking back at the Dallas Mavericks trade to acquire Kristaps Porzingis

It was clear Luka Doncic was the Mavs' best player from the opening night of his rookie season. The teenager made an immediate impact and was the team’s leading scorer. The Mavericks moved quickly in trying to pair him with another young star in a blockbuster deal, which fans can get a refresher on the particulars below.

The Knicks quickly moved on from Matthews and Jordan before trading Smith Jr. two years later. The value for New York in the trade came from the two draft picks, including the Mavericks 2023 first-rounder.

The trade was a blockbuster that just did not work as Kristaps Porzingis struggled with injuries throughout his time in Dallas. Here is a look back at the deal and what the Mavericks can learn from it moving forward.