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5 best options for Mavericks open two-way contract

Dallas Mavericks, Theo Pinson, Marquese Chriss
Dallas Mavericks, Theo Pinson, Marquese Chriss / Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports
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The Dallas Mavericks opened up a two-way roster spot on Dec. 26 by waiving Eugene Omoruyi. The 24-year-old had season-ending foot surgery, and he just did not show enough during his brief stint in Dallas.

Every roster spot is valuable, especially with COVID-19 outbreaks wreaking havoc on the league. The Mavs need every healthy body they can get as they have placed seven players and three coaches in the health and safety protocols since Dec. 19.

Dallas has a full 15-man roster, but they opened up a two-way contract by waiving Omoruyi. What does that mean, and who are the best options to fill their spot?

Dallas Mavericks have an open two-way contract: What does that mean?

Starting in the 2017-2018 season, the NBA added two two-way contracts to every roster. It is a tool used to keep a young player under contract that gives him time to develop without taking up on the team’s 15 regular roster positions. Players with fewer than four years of NBA service are eligible to sign two-way contracts, and they play in both the G League and NBA.

Recent Mavericks signing Marquese Chriss is not eligible for a two-way deal because he has more than four years of NBA service.

Normally, two-way deals have a maximum number of days they can play in the NBA, but the pandemic has forced the league to get rid of that restriction. Whoever the Mavericks sign can help them on a nightly basis.

Dallas wants to fill the spot with a player that is ready to come in and contribute if called upon. Here is a look at the five best options for the Mavericks to sign.