Mark Cuban hypes Frank Ntilikina: Should Dallas Mavericks fans expect more?

Dallas Mavericks, Frank Ntilikina
Dallas Mavericks, Frank Ntilikina / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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What Frank Ntilikina has produced in his time with the Dallas Mavericks

Ntilikina averaged just 11.8 minutes per game last season as he was in and out of the rotation. The Mavericks played him primarily as a wing with the 24-year-old logging just eight percent of his minutes at the point guard spot.

Ntilikina responded with career-highs in points and rebounds per 36 minutes with his second-lowest assists mark. The 6’4 guard is an elite defender, but he is still trying to find his place on the offensive end of the floor.

Putting Ntilikina back to point guard is a mistake. He can guard the opposition’s lead ball-handler, but the French Prince should be used as a 3-and-D wing. Ntilikina shot 34.2 percent from 3-point range last season, and his jumper continues to improve. He needs to keep growing and that should be his focus.

Owner Mark Cuban mentioned his defense, but he never said they plan on having Frank Ntilikina handle the ball. The 6’4 guard will be forced to if Luka Doncic or Spencer Dinwiddie has to miss time. The Dallas Mavericks cannot play the healthy one for 48 minutes, so Ntilikina will have to fill in as the backup point guard. They need more help, but the Mavs cannot find the right move.