Will Kyrie Irving run Luka Doncic off of the Dallas Mavericks?

Tyler Watts
Dallas Mavericks, Kyrie Irving, Luka Doncic
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Dallas Mavericks must win to keep Luka Doncic

It has been the front office’s problem since Luka arrived in Dallas and was special immediately. Doncic was the team’s leading scorer as a teenager and a first-team All-NBA selection by his second season. Luka’s early success coupled with the trade to acquire him hurt the Mavs' ability to build around him. No lottery picks were coming to help because Doncic made Dallas win. It is why they took a swing on Kristaps Porzingis so early in Luka’s career. 

Luka is focused on winning in Dallas, but what if he realizes that won’t be possible? He is not searching for a new team, according to Jake Fischer of Yahoo Sports. Doncic is motivated to make it work with the Mavericks. It is why he wanted Kyrie. Superstars win in the NBA, and Dallas has two of them right now.

Luka wants to win a championship over becoming MVP. He would not be upset about either honor, but LD desires team success. The Mavericks know this. If they want to keep the generational talent, Dallas must find a way to build a title contender around him, which means maximizing the talent on their roster.

Winning cures all ills in the NBA, but can Doncic and Irving do that long-term? Things have not always gone well in Kyrie’s other stops. Will fans be able to say the same about Dallas? Does that cost the Mavs Luka Doncic? Here is a look at Irving’s history.