Will Kyrie Irving run Luka Doncic off of the Dallas Mavericks?

Tyler Watts
Dallas Mavericks, Kyrie Irving, Luka Doncic
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The Dallas Mavericks made a blockbuster trade for eight-time All-Star Kyrie Irving to give Luka Doncic a second star. They are committed to building around the 23-year-old superstar, and the front office realized they needed more talent to be a title contender.

Irving came at a relative discount for a star player. It cost the Mavericks two starters and three draft picks, but there was only one first-rounder included in the deal. The Suns gave up a massive haul to land Kevin Durant and the Timberwolves paid significantly more for Rudy Gobert. Irving’s drama in Brooklyn lowered the price, so Dallas took a massive swing.

The early returns have been strong, but there is significant bust potential. Kyrie wanted out of three NBA franchises in his 12 years in the league. Things are not likely to end well, but what impact will that have on Luka? Doncic wants to win. Irving could drive him out of Dallas, but will he? Here is a closer look at the much-talked-about question.

Luka Doncic applying pressure on the Dallas Mavericks led to the Kyrie Irving trade

Irving had multiple suitors, but acquiring him was a desperate move. The eight-time All-Star came from Brooklyn where their three superstars combined to win one playoff series and now all play in different addresses. Kyrie was always at the center of the drama and dysfunction with the Nets, but the Mavericks jumped at the chance to acquire him because that is what Luka wanted.

Doncic let it be known that he wanted the front office to upgrade their roster before the deadline. The only way the Mavs were trading a first-round pick was to get a star, so Dallas acquired the best available at that price point.

The pressure is now placed on the partnership working out. Both men want to win, but there is plenty of risk. They have fewer than 30 games together before their first playoff run. Can they make it work? Irving is an unrestricted free agent this offseason, and there are zero guarantees he stays in Dallas. What if Kyrie decides to leave?