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Why trading for Ben Simmons would make the Dallas Mavericks worse

Dallas Mavericks, Ben Simmons
Dallas Mavericks, Ben Simmons / Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports
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Ben Simmons would give Dallas Mavericks another injury risk

Simmons was drafted with the first overall pick in 2016, so he should be in his seventh year in the NBA, but the 6’10 forward has missed two full seasons already. For his career, Simmons has played in just 282 of his 484 possible regular season games, or just 58.2 percent.

The Mavericks took a swing on a talented young All-Star coming off a significant injury when they traded for Kristaps Porzingis back in 2019, and fans know how that turned out. Dallas reached the playoffs twice, but KP struggled to stay healthy and the team never advanced beyond the first round of the playoffs.

Why would things be different with Simmons? He is an injury risk that is arguably a worse fit next to Luka Doncic. General manager Nico Harrison blew up the experiment at last season’s trade deadline, so why would he be eager to get right back into the same business?

All of this makes zero mention of Ben Simmons's playoff struggles with the Sixers that could pop back up as the Dallas Mavericks try to make a run with Luka Doncic leading their charge. Simmons is one of the riskiest stars on the market right now, and trading for him could create an even bigger problem for the Mavericks.