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Why trading for Ben Simmons would make the Dallas Mavericks worse

Dallas Mavericks, Ben Simmons
Dallas Mavericks, Ben Simmons / Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports
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The Dallas Mavericks just finished off a season series sweep of the Brooklyn Nets on Nov. 7 as Luka Doncic increased his consecutive games with 30-plus points to nine to begin the season. It is the second-longest mark to open a season in NBA history, but it has number 77’s usage rate leading the league for the third straight year and bordering on an all-time mark. Luka is doing too much, and the team needs to get him more help.

The Mavs would love to add a second star, but they need another ball-handler and playmaker. Jalen Brunson’s departure in free agency has left Dallas with just Luka Doncic and Spencer Dinwiddie to do the heavy lifting. Could the Mavs fill both needs with one move?

The Brooklyn Nets are off to a slow and rocky start with plenty of drama. Could they put a 26-year-old three-time All-Star on the market? What return would they get for Ben Simmons if the Nets do move on? The Mavs were linked as a suitor for Simmons recently, but here are five reasons why acquiring the 6’10 point guard would make the team worse.

Dallas Mavericks need shooters and Ben Simmons won’t shoot even when left open

The Mavs rely on creating space for Luka Doncic to attack the rim and kick to shooters. The 23-year-old superstar is one of the best finishers at the rim and his elite vision allows him to make every pass. The Mavericks led the league in offensive rating in 2020, and they are back near the top this season with Doncic leading their charge.

Simmons shrinks the space on the floor. He has attempted just two shots outside the paint through the Nets' first 11 games, and the 26-year-old missed both. Simmons has put up 35 3-point attempts over his seven-year NBA career, and he has connected on just five of them.

The 6’10 point guard is working his way back after missing more than a full year of basketball, so proceed with caution on his current numbers in a small sample, but he is not attacking the rim like All-Star Ben Simmons. His shot attempts are way down, and Simmons is hesitant to get fouled.

Even if his elite defense returns, the Dallas Mavericks cannot have a reluctant shooter on the floor with Luka Doncic. It will cramp their spacing and slow down one of the best offenses in the NBA, and that goes without mentioning the problematic schematic fit with Simmons in Dallas.