5 trades that would shake up the Dallas Mavericks fortunes this season

Tyler Watts
Dallas Mavericks, Kyrie Irving
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Dallas Mavericks trade to shake up roster: 4. Get Bogdan

Will the Mavs trade Christian Wood’s expiring contract before the deadline? Getting back a first-round pick does not help them win now. If Dallas wants to move C-Wood, they should be looking to flip him for an upgrade elsewhere. Here is a look at one potential move that would do just that.

The Hawks are looking to shake things up before the trade deadline, and they would like to trim their luxury tax bill moving forward. Bogdanovic has an $18 million player option for next season, and Atlanta could look to move on. Wood and Ntilikina are both expiring contracts, so the Hawks would have no guaranteed money beyond next season.

The Mavericks are rumored to be interested in Bogdanovic, and they would have to pay him this summer if he declines his player option. Dallas would love to add another wing capable of scoring 15 points per game that is a career 38.2 percent 3-point shooter.

Trading for C-Wood keeps the Hawks in contention this season. They can trade away John Collins in a separate deal, and use Wood as a replacement. The Hawks could even give the 6’10 forward a new contract in the offseason if he is playing well in Atlanta. This deal might cost Dallas a first-round pick, but how badly does Atlanta want to stay in contention and trim their tax bill?