Dallas Mavericks rumors roundup: A look at every 2023 trade deadline rumor so far

Dallas Mavericks, Luka Doncic, Zach LaVine
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Rumors: Dallas Mavericks interested in Cam Reddish

The New York Knicks are looking to move Reddish before the deadline. The 23-year-old wing is not part of Tom Thibodeau’s rotation, and he becomes a restricted free agent this summer. New York is not keeping Reddish beyond the season, so they are looking to cash on anything that they can get for the former lottery pick.

Marc Stein reported the Mavericks are among the teams interested in acquiring Reddish. The Knicks want Reggie Bullock from Dallas, but they are asking for a second-round pick in a deal for the 6’8 wing. Dallas has been linked to two other Knicks, so acquiring Reddish could be part of a larger package that may include a ball-handler coming back to Dallas.

Swapping Bullock for Reddish straight up does not make sense for Dallas. Bullock is the better player right now, and he is a key piece of the Mavericks success. The 6’6 wing plays stout perimeter defense and drains open shots. Dallas needs trusted 3-and-D wings, and Bullock certainly fits that bill.

Expect the Knicks to trade Cam Reddish before the deadline, but the Mavs do not seem like the most likely team to acquire him. Stein noted the Bucks and Lakers as two other teams interested in the 6’8 wing. He needs time to develop, but Reddish has shown flashes in his first four NBA seasons. The 23-year-old is certainly a name to watch as the trade deadline approaches.