Return or Burn: Which free agents should the Dallas Mavericks bring back?

Tyler Watts
Dallas Mavericks, Kyrie Irving
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Should the Dallas Mavericks bring back Markieff Morris in free agency?

Morris came to Dallas in the Kyrie Irving trade, but there have not been many opportunities to get ton the court so far. He played nine minutes against the Lakers on Feb. 26 where he hit one of his two 3-pointers and got a steal. The 33-year-old has seen action in just three other games and played under five minutes in each.

The 6’9 forward has played spotty minutes in recent years, but he is the perfect end of the bench option for a contender. Morris provides grit and toughness as a stretch four or small ball five. He is best suited to play under 20 minutes per game, but he can make an impact when on the floor.

Verdict: Return

The Dallas Mavericks are going to need minimum veterans to round out their roster no matter what path they take this summer. Plan A will be re-signing Kyrie Irving and trading for a key rotation piece or two. Even if they get two plus two additions with their exceptions, the Mavs will still need two minimum players to complete their roster.

Markieff Morris is a strong option for one of those spots because he is comfortable playing an end-of-the-bench role that includes some DNP-CDs, while still making an impact whenever his number is called.