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Dallas Mavericks: 5 things Reggie Bullock brings to the team

Dallas Mavericks Reggie Bullock
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What does Reggie Bullock bring to Dallas Mavericks? 3. Tenacity

Bullock brings energy and tenacity on both ends of the floor. The Mavs did not have that element last season. Nobody on the roster crowded the opposition with the ball 40 feet from the basket or fought over every screen. Bullock’s intensity and fight will help the Mavericks.

Here is the perfect example. Trae Young and Clint Capela run a pick and roll with the Hawks big man doing everything he can to screen Bullock out of the play. Capela does it twice, but Bullock keeps chasing the ball and contests Young’s mid-range jumper. Yes, the All-Star point guard sinks the shot, but the newest Mavericks' effort is impressive.

Bullock does not just play that way on the defensive end of the floor. Here he drives to the basket in Game 5 of the Hawks versus Knicks playoff series only to be blocked by Clint Capela. New York comes up with the loose ball, so Bullock sprints to the corner for a wide-open 3-pointer.

Reggie Bullock is not going to quit. He is going to play with energy, effort, and tenacity every single night. The 6’6 wing is likely to become a fan favorite because of his hard-nosed style.