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Dallas Mavericks: Ranking newly acquired players by career thus far

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Dallas Mavericks Reggie Bullock
Dallas Mavericks Reggie Bullock / Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports
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The Dallas Mavericks had a busy offseason, mostly filled with extending the contracts of already proven players such as Luka Doncic, Tim Hardaway Jr., and Boban Marjanovic. They also reshaped the front office with a new general manager and head coach before pursuing but failing to land a marquee free agent, such as Kyle Lowry. 

However, they have picked up a few new faces along the way, led by Reggie Bullock, that fit nicely on the court with the team. The fresh additions desperately fill the holes in the Mavericks game that currently block the team from making the deep playoff run they have strived for year after year. 

While these newly acquired players might not be the superstar the Mavs had hoped to pair with Luka come October, they each possess specific qualities in their game that are going to help Dallas down the stretch and coming off the bench. Although most of these pick-ups are undrafted free agents, that does not mean they won’t have a chance to contribute quickly to the team's success. 

Ranking newly acquired Dallas Mavericks by career thus far

How do these players stack up against each other? Although some are barely out of college, let us rank them based on stats and big game moments, not just longevity in the league. These players might not seem like they can contribute, but if they can make the final roster, it will be a welcomed addition for Mavericks. Here is how the six new additions rank by career thus far.