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Dallas Mavericks: 4 players fans don't want on the new court

Dallas Mavericks, Rajon Rondo
Dallas Mavericks, Rajon Rondo / Victor Decolongon/GettyImages
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Dallas Mavericks, Erick Dampier
Dallas Mavericks, Erick Dampier / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

Players Dallas Mavericks fans don't want on the court: 4. Erick Dampier

In the 2004 offseason, the Mavericks made a sign and trade deal with Golden State that brought Erick Dampier and a seven-year $73 million contract to Dallas. Dampier was in his prime and coming off a season where he averaged 12.3 points, 12.0 rebounds, and 1.9 blocks in 32.5 minutes per game as a starter for the Warriors. It seemed like a fair move for the Mavs to make right?

Well, let's just say Dampier became the favorite "punching bag" for every Mavericks fan due to his lack of motivation and sub-par performance on the court. Dampier stayed in Dallas for the next six seasons, and the first five seasons were filled to the brim with little motivation and below-average play for the center on a massive contract.

The sixth season showed Dampier putting up numbers of those similar to his final season with the Warriors. That's when fans realized it was a contract year for Dampier, and he had to perform to get another payday.

While Erick Dampier may not be the worst player to ever grace the court in a Dallas Mavericks jersey, his lack of care and gigantic contract was a constant complaint within the fanbase from 2004 to 2010.