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Breaking down Dallas Mavericks search for a big man this offseason

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Why Dallas Mavericks would target a standout center on the trade market

This offseason, Rudy Gobert has been the most popular player on the Mavericks' radar, and if the Mavs were able to pull that trade off miraculously, it would shake up the whole conference. Gobert would fix the Mavericks' size problem, and adding the three-time Defensive Player of the Year would elevate this already strong Dallas defense.

On offense, Gobert can use his size and screen-setting ability to be a their roll man, something that Luka Doncic did well with Dwight Powell.

The biggest issue with acquiring Gobert is that the Mavericks' lack of assets and cap space would seriously hinder any chance of adding the three-time All-Star. The only scenario where Dallas could acquire Gobert guts their team altogether, and that is not something that makes the Mavericks better.

Myles Turner is another potential trade target for the Mavs this offseason. He would be an excellent fit, and since the Pacers value him less than the Jazz value Gobert, getting him in a trade would be more manageable.

Turner might not be as good an overall defender as Gobert, but the 6'11 big man is a tremendous shot blocker. He can step out and shoot threes effectively as a big, so the Mavs could still have space for Luka to run their five-out offense.

The biggest problem with Turner is his contract isn't team-friendly, and most importantly, he's been injury-prone recently. He has missed over 40 percent of his team's games over the past two years, and with a contract that big, it's a scary risk to add in acquiring him.

It may be difficult for the Dallas Mavericks to trade for a star center, but they could explore free agents that would be available via sign-and-trades or the use of their taxpayer mid-level exception.