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Breaking down Dallas Mavericks search for a big man this offseason

Dallas Mavericks, Mo Bamba
Dallas Mavericks, Mo Bamba / Douglas P. DeFelice/GettyImages
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With the Dallas Mavericks' 2021-22 season ending at the hands of the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals, the Mavs now go into an offseason faced with questions they have to answer. They overachieved, but this magical season also brings on high expectations for next year. The Western Conference will only get better, and the Mavericks need to do the same if they want to beat what they just accomplished.

Along with Jalen Brunson's contract situation, the Mavericks' biggest questions come from filling their hole at the center position. There are many routes the Mavs can take to address this issue, one being the draft where they could take a guy like Walker Kessler to help fill that role. But there are growing pains with a 21-year-old, so it may take him a few years to contribute consistently.

The more likely route the Mavericks take to significantly improve their team is the trade market. There are four guys the Mavericks will have their eyes on, two of them being free agents in Magic center Mo Bamba and Knicks big man Mitchell Robinson. The other two have been made available in trade talks, Pacers big man Myles Turner, and Jazz center Rudy Gobert. The Mavs lack of cap space makes trades their only avenue to acquire any of the four.

Breaking down the Dallas Mavericks search for a big man this offseason

All four would solve many of the Mavericks' issues inside, but it will be difficult for them to acquire one of these guys with limited cap space and finite assets. There are paths to getting any of those four guys, so here is a break down of what makes these guys so desirable for Mavericks, possible hiccups the Mavs could face in acquiring them, and who the team should focus on the most.