5 Dallas Mavericks adjustments to look for in Game 2 of playoff series vs. Jazz

Dallas Mavericks, Jason Kidd
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Dallas Mavericks, Reggie Bullock
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Adjustment to look for in Game 2 of Dallas Mavericks vs. Jazz: 2. Look for shooters

The Mavs just could not find their jumpers on Saturday afternoon as they made just 29 of their 76 field goal attempts, including nine of 32 from 3-point range. It is difficult to win shooting just over 38 percent from the field and 28 percent on threes. Dallas must be better if they want to win Game 2.

The Mavericks attempted too many contested shots inside the arc, but they took just four contested threes in the contest. They were eight of 28 on open triples, per NBA Stats, including just four of 18 on wide-open threes.

Not all shots are created equal. Dallas had plenty of open looks that just did not fall in Game 1, and they need to continue looking for shooters, especially when Rudy Gobert crashes into the paint. If the Mavericks space the floor and Utah’s center rotates to stop a drive, there is an open shooter on the perimeter. Dallas needs to kick out and sink an open bucket.

Both teams shot it poorly in Game 1, and the one that finds their jumpers on Monday night is likely walking away with a victory. Spencer Dinwiddie and Jalen Brunson need to get into the paint and trust the Dallas Mavericks shooters to knock down open shots in Game 2.