3 ways that the Dallas Mavericks can get back on track

Noah Weber
Dallas Mavericks, Luka Doncic
Dallas Mavericks, Luka Doncic / Ron Jenkins/GettyImages
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The Dallas Mavericks are sitting at 34-33 and currently sixth in the Western Conference with 15 games remaining on the morning of March 11. Just three games separate fifth and 12th, and Dallas is 3-7 in their last ten games.

This is nowhere close to what the Mavericks expected when they traded for Kyrie Irving.

The Mavericks are 3-6 when both Irving and Luka Doncic play, and they are in danger of falling into the Play-In Tournament for the first time. To make a deep playoff run this season, things need to change quickly.

3. Dallas Mavericks need to find a consistent rotation

There's only one month remaining in the regular season, and the Mavericks still don't have a consistent rotation.

Depth is an obvious issue for the team, but they still have to figure out their lineup of who they think gives them the best shot to win games quickly.

Players like Theo Pinson went from playing consistent minutes right after the trade to being non-existent in the rotation, and the Mavericks haven't seemed to find a lineup they like yet. To succeed in the playoffs, Dallas needs a rotation that they are comfortable and confident in.

At this point in the season, it's too late to try things and experiment with lineups. Last season, the Mavericks made a run after the All-Star break, but this season, it has been the exact opposite.

It's hard to string together wins if the team hasn't found its identity and doesn't have a reliable rotation.

We've also seen a decline in minutes for Christain Wood following the trade deadline. He went from averaging over 34 per game in January to 19.5 minutes per game in February and March. He went from being a key member of the offense to having fluctuating minutes that depend on the night.

Injuries obviously hurt, but the Mavericks have to find a rotation of players that they trust and are comfortable with playing in a playoff atmosphere. If they don't find that lineup, their postseason could get cut a lot shorter than fans want.