This veteran wing is the perfect 10-day contract target for the Dallas Mavericks

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If Jeremy Lamb struggles on the Dallas Mavericks, there is no commitment

Lamb deserves a chance to bounce back after one rough season. The 30-year-old was productive during his two previous seasons in Indiana, despite playing just 82 total games. Can he recreate that production? Nobody will know until Lamb gets that opportunity.

Things could go south. Lamb could struggle to hit shots or not fit in the team’s defensive scheme. If the deal is not working out, there is zero commitment. The Mavericks could sign him for ten days before letting him walk right back into free agency. Dallas could also use him as a stopgap option for the next ten days until they can get healthy before he departs.

If Lamb is playing well and helping the Mavericks win games, the front office can sign him to a rest-of-season contract and keep him. There is zero risk and only upside in signing Jeremy Lamb.

The 30-year-old is not currently with a team, so it is unknown what his conditioning and fitness would look like. Lamb should be healthy, but is he game ready? That could be holding back a deal.

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The Dallas Mavericks should explore filling their final roster spot, even if it is just someone on a ten-day contract. They need reinforcements, and Dallas could catch lightning in a bottle if they sign the right player. Stay tuned to see what the Mavs do with their final roster spot moving forward.