Do the Dallas Mavericks have trade options for JaVale McGee?

Dallas Mavericks, JaVale McGee
Dallas Mavericks, JaVale McGee / Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports
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Multiple teams are searching for a backup big man: Will they bite on JaVale McGee?

Contending teams across the league will be looking to plug holes ahead of the trade deadline. Fans often make a massive deal about the buyout market, but it rarely makes a significant impact on a contender’s roster. Front office execs will want to sure things up before Feb. 9.

The Nuggets, Nets, Celtics, Sixers, and Clippers could all be in the market for a backup big man during trade season. Denver needs someone better than DeAndre Jordan to play behind two-time MVP Nikola Jokic. The Celtics have Robert Williams and Al Horford, but Blake Griffin was in the rotation when Williams missed time. Brooklyn needs size, and the Clippers are searching for someone to give them quality minutes behind Ivica Zubac. Philadelphia needs a backup for Joel Embiid.

There is no shortage of suitors, but what is their interest level? The Mavericks likely have zero desire to help a Western Conference contender, especially the Clippers, who knocked them out of the playoffs in 2020 and 2021. Would they make a deal with Brooklyn, Philadelphia, or Boston? If Dallas could get a heavily protected second-round pick, they would be keen on moving JaVale McGee.

McGee is unlikely to be any team's first choice, but how many teams are selling a backup big man? Find a deal that makes sense for both sides is possible, but unlikely given the Mavs also want to contend.

Would another contender even take on McGee’s contract? Do the Dallas Mavericks have trade options?