Should the Dallas Mavericks go all in on trading for Kyrie Irving?

Caleb Ho Yee Yum
Dallas Mavericks, Kyrie Irving
Dallas Mavericks, Kyrie Irving / Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports
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Dallas Mavericks fans should’ve known. Kyrie Irving had been too quiet. There had been too little drama surrounding the Nets. Most talk around them centered around if they were contenders to make the NBA Finals, which should’ve been a sign.

The Brooklyn guard broke his silence Friday, requesting to be traded before the Feb. 9 trade deadline. 

With it, the question has been raised once again. Marc Stein has reported that the Mavericks are one of the teams that the Nets will be talking about an Irving trade. With Dallas' apparent willingness to trade almost anyone not named Luka Doncic to improve, should they take a chance on Irving? Is his upside worth it, or would it be another move that haunts Dallas’ far into the future?

Why trading for Kyrie could be worth it for the Dallas Mavericks

Uncle Drew is one of the most talented NBA players ever to live. No matter his controversies off the court, there is no denying that his offensive contributions would be massive. The Mavericks need players who can dribble, and Irving can do that. The Mavericks need players who can create their own shots, and Irving can do that. The Mavericks need better playmaking, and Irving can do that too.

On top of that, he’s a second star that would be within Dallas’ price range. Considering his unpredictability and his expiring contract, he is unlikely to cost as much as a player of his talent actually demands. Somewhere around one to two first-round picks and a decent player or players to make the money match is my guess.

He would also immediately become Dallas’ second-best player by a mile and would push Spencer Dinwiddie into the sixth man role that he thrived in, while Jalen Brunson was with the Mavs. Irving’s best years also came next to LeBron James in Cleveland, and Doncic’s similar playstyle could help bring the best out of Kyrie.

If the Mavs are serious about not wasting an MVP-caliber season from Doncic, this would be the easiest way to go all-in on making a title run this year.