Grade the Trade: How Mavericks could pull off a deal for Kyle Kuzma

Dallas Mavericks, Kyle Kuzma
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Building a Kyle Kuzma trade for the Dallas Mavericks

Any Mavericks trade for Kuzma is going to cost them at least one first-round draft pick. The Wizards believe in the 6’9 forward as their third-leading scorer. Dallas must offer them fair value and enough salary to match Kuzma’s contract. This trade idea from the website Fanspo is one way to make the deal work.

There was a slight modification because the Mavericks cannot trade a first-round pick until at least 2025 because of the Stepien Rule. Still, the Wizards get a talented rookie that has shown flashes as a scorer, a capable backup center, and a first-round pick, which is a significant haul for a player on an expiring contract that has outplayed his extension number.

The two sides worked out the Kristaps Porzingis for Spencer Dinwiddie swap before last season’s trade deadline, and that trade has worked out well for both sides. They could do business again here for Kuzma as Washington shifts towards a retooling around Bradley Beal and KP.

The Mavs would have to make this trade with the assurance that Kyle Kuzma would re-sign with the team this summer. Dallas would still have to give him a significant raise, but he solves many of the team’s current issues. Here is a look at why the Mavericks would want to do this deal.