Grade the Trade: Executive pitches how Dallas Mavericks could trade for Buddy Hield

Tyler Watts
Dallas Mavericks, Buddy Hield
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Building a Buddy Hield trade to the Dallas Mavericks

The executive that Eric Pincus spoke with detailed a possible trade that would send Davis Bertans and Josh Green plus draft pick compensation to Indiana to acquire Hield. That seems like a hefty price, and the final deal would likely look like this.

Hield is a better player than Josh Green right now, but they are two completely different players. Green is blossoming into a 3-and-D wing with some ball-handling ability. Hield is strictly a scorer and spot-up shooter. The 6’4 wing is not known for his defense, and he would only boost Dallas on the offensive end of the floor.

Giving up Green for Hield seems like a mistake by the Mavericks' front office. The 22-year-old appears to be on pace to be a key rotation piece for Dallas for the next decade-plus. Hield will give them an offensive boost for the next two years on a bloated contract before he departs via free agency.

This deal does allow the Dallas Mavericks to get off of Davis Bertans' contract but costs them another second-round pick in the process. It is a complicated deal, but it does not give the Mavs any more future flexibility. The trade turns Bertans' contract into Hield’s, so why would Dallas do this deal?