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Why the Dallas Mavericks have zero chance of pulling off Anthony Davis trade

Dallas Mavericks, Anthony Davis
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Would Dallas Mavericks overlook the injury history of Anthony Davis in a trade?

Part of the calculus in trading away Kristaps Porzingis at the deadline last season was his questionable availability. He was not the second star the Mavs needed next to Luka Doncic in part because the organization never knew when he was going to be on the floor. Dallas sold low as they looked to find a better fit, and the deal helped the Mavericks reach the conference finals.

Davis may be a bigger injury risk than Porzingis. Since joining the Lakers in 2019, AD has played in 138 of 225 possible regular season games, or just 61.3 percent. He did play 62 of 71 games during the Lakers championship season in 2020, but he has struggled to stay on the court since. The Mavericks would be taking a significant risk in acquiring AD.

His injury history has to factor into his trade value. The Lakers are going to want talent and draft capital to trade Anthony Davis, but the Mavericks should not mortgage their entire future on this trade because he has struggled to stay healthy. The 29-year-old was not an All-Star last year because he missed so many games.

Trading Anthony Davis does not make sense for the Lakers for just that reason.