5 things the Dallas Mavericks wish they could redo since acquiring Luka Doncic

Dallas Mavericks, Kristaps Porzingis, Harrison Barnes
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Thing Dallas Mavericks wish they could redo: 1. KP trade

The biggest swing and miss of the Luka Doncic era is trading for Kristaps Porzingis in 2019. The Mavs envisioned them forming a young superstar duo that could push Dallas back into title contention, but it never worked out. Porzingis always wanted more touches and a larger role in the offense, but it made no sense for the Mavericks because that meant taking the ball out of their superstar’s hands.

The Mavs traded two first-round picks to New York along with Dennis Smith Jr., Wesley Matthews, and DeAndre Jordan to acquire KP, Tim Hardaway Jr., Trey Burke, and Courtney Lee. It was not a total wash as KP, THJ, and Burke had moments during their time in Dallas, but things never went as planned.

Kristaps never blossomed into the Mavericks' second star next to Luka Doncic, and the Mavs had to settle for two bad contracts as they gave up KP and their 2022 second-round pick at last season's trade deadline. Porzingis never fully found his footing in Dallas, which forced the Mavs front office to trade him.

Trading multiple first round picks for Porzingis continues to hurt the Mavericks. They still owe their 2023 first-round pick to New York, and it has taken Dallas out of the running from acquiring every star that has changed hands since 2019.

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The Dallas Mavericks would certainly redo the Kristaps Porzingis trade because it stopped them from landing another star player for the last three years. They took their shot on the Unicorn, and it did not work out. Dallas may only get one more swing at a star before Luka Doncic becomes a free agent again, and they cannot afford to miss this time.