Why trading for Kemba Walker would be a disaster for the Dallas Mavericks

Dallas Mavericks, Kemba Walker
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Why trading for Kemba Walker would be a disaster for Dallas Mavericks: 1. Injuries

Walker was the Mavericks' top free agent target back in 2019, but the six-foot guard decided to join the Boston Celtics. Since then, he has played 136 of a possible 226 regular season games, which is just over 60 percent. Walker has dealt with multiple injuries to his left knee, which is worrisome at this point.

How many games could the Mavs realistically expect from Walker if they traded for him? He played 56 back in 2020, but he has two additional years of wear on that troublesome knee.

Dallas traded Kristaps Porzingis to Washington in part because of his lack of availability. They never knew if they would be able to count on him when the games matter most. Do the Mavericks want to jump into a similar boat with Kemba Walker? The 32-year-old is on a steady decline, and Dallas could be left holding his $9.1 million contract and getting zero production in the postseason.

Trading Kemba for Dwight Powell and a 2025 second-round pick does not sound bad on the surface, but it could be disastrous for the Dallas Mavericks if Walker gets hurt again and is forced to miss significant time.

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If Kemba Walker gets bought out, the Mavs should look to acquire him on a veteran minimum deal, but they should have no interest in trading assets for the 32-year-old point guard.