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Should the Dallas Mavericks trade for Myles Turner? Is he worth the price?

Dallas Mavericks, Myles Turner
Dallas Mavericks, Myles Turner / Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports
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Is Myles Turner worth the asking price for the Dallas Mavericks?

At last season’s trade deadline, the Indiana Pacers reportedly wanted a massive haul to acquire Turner, despite him being out for the season with a foot injury. They were asking for two first-round picks or one pick and one young talent with upside. No team was willing to meet that price, and rightfully so. Turner is not a superstar, but he is a talented big man that would make the Mavericks and other teams better.

Trading Turner now does not make sense. He is coming off a season-ending foot injury, which depresses his value. The Pacers would be better off letting him prove he is healthy and still one of the league’s best shot blockers before searching for a deal.

Indiana is unlikely to get two first-round picks for Turner, even when healthy. Would they settle for one? One first-round pick seems right for the 26-year-old if he gets traded before the start of training camp as he has just one year left on his contract.

The Pacers have to lower their asking price if they want to trade Myles Turner, and the longer the wait, his value should keep dropping on an expiring deal. Should the Dallas Mavericks trade for Myles Turner before he heads elsewhere?