Will the Dallas Mavericks trade Christian Wood before the deadline?

Dallas Mavericks, Christian Wood
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Will Dallas Mavericks trade Christian Wood before the deadline?

Teams around the league think the Mavs will put Wood on the trade block before the deadline, but there is a massive difference between searching the market and making a deal. Dallas would be foolish not to have discussions about every non-Luka Doncic player on their roster. If some team is willing to overpay for any other player, the front office should seriously consider that trade.

The odds of a Christian Wood trade happening before Feb. 9 are low. The likelihood of outcomes ranging from highest to lowest probability right now would be Dallas holds put, the Mavericks extend C-Wood, and then, they trade him before the deadline. I would put standing pat at 75 percent with an extension at 15. That leaves the trade at ten percent and that could be generous. Finding a swap that makes them better now will be difficult.

Nico Harrison pulled it off last year when he traded Kristaps Porzingis and a second round for Spencer Dinwiddie and Davis Bertans. Can he swing another big man to fill the team’s playmaking void again this season? The Mavericks will work hard to make it happen, but it is too early to tell who will be available.

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Christian Wood’s situation is something all MFFLs should be monitoring. They cannot afford to get zero return for a talented player two straight years, but the Dallas Mavericks want to keep their flexibility. Can the two sides work something out or will Wood be wearing a different uniform before next season’s opening night? Stay tuned to find out.