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5 things Dallas Mavericks should be thankful for in 2022

Dallas Mavericks, Luka Doncic
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Thing Dallas Mavericks fans should be thankful for in 2022: 2. Coach Kidd

The hiring of Jason Kidd as head coach was met with plenty of initial skepticism. His first two stints in the job did not end well, and there were fresh questions about his time with the Bucks thanks to a new book on Giannis Antetokounmpo hitting the shelves.

Rick Carlisle had coached the team for over a decade, and he often got the best out of his teams, including leading Dallas to a championship in 2011. Fans were worried that Kidd would be a significant step-down, but the Hall of Fame point guard answered all those questions in year one.

He immediately preached defense and got the team to buy in on that end of the floor. It was their defense that carried them to the conference finals. Dallas was top ten in defensive rating last season before holding the Jazz to 100 or fewer points in four of the six games in the first round and the Suns to their three-lowest scoring games of the season in round two. Kidd pulled all the right strings and gave the Mavericks a defensive identity to hang their hats on.

Jason Kidd also improved the team’s chemistry and it paid off in the postseason run. The 49-year-old had an outstanding first season as Dallas Mavericks' head coach and fans should be thankful he took the job when he did.