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How the Rudy Gobert trade impacts the Dallas Mavericks

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How Rudy Gobert trade impacts Dallas Mavericks: 3. Jazz retooling

Trading Gobert to Minnesota could be Utah waiving the white flag and heading into a rebuild. They got some interesting pieces back plus four draft picks that they could flip to improve their roster, but will the Jazz do it? Utah also traded Royce O’Neale for a first-round pick on June 30. They appear content on retooling, but will it become a total rebuild?

Utah still has Donovan Mitchell, and reports suggest they are not shopping him. The Jazz want to build around the 25-year-old guard, but will he remain content playing for a retooling team that is likely to miss the postseason without Gobert? Do the Jazz quickly flip those picks for another star player? Where Utah go from here is an important question that will determine their fate for next season and beyond.

More trades are coming. Mike Conley and Bojan Bogdanovic are rumored to still be on the trade block. What deals can they find?

Right now, the Jazz are firmly outside of the top eight in the Western Conference. Can they find their way back to contention? Even if they do, expect Utah to remain below the Dallas Mavericks in the pecking order out west.